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The League

The League

The Motorcycling League intends to make motorcycle activities a valid tool that favors the healthy use of free time through a correct and loyal competitive and non-competitive relationship, for the development of new social relationships between individuals and groups who identify themselves in a moment of aggregation.
The League, by rejecting consumerist schemes and the degeneration of exasperated competitive spirit, intends to encourage mass and organized practice of motorcycle sport that does not require excessive financial sacrifices and which allows the use of common transport motorcycles for sports purposes, according to the rules of the respective regulations.
The Motorcycling League pursues the project of regulation and moralization of the Motorcycling sector, fighting against any speculation and exploitation for utilitarian and profit purposes.


Through this page it is possible to access sections of the portal and external sites, dedicated to the Regions that are part of the UISP Motorcycling League.

The contents are the exclusive responsibility of the regional leaders of the League.